Introducing Magic Earth

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Magic Earth for iOS and Android is the first mapping and turn-by-turn navigation app based on OpenStreetMap from General Magic.

Magic Earth features:

  1. OpenStreetMap. With more than 2 million contributors OpenStreetMap is rapidly becoming better than Google Maps.
  2. Turn-by-Turn Navigation. Alternative routes, speed limits, lane guidance and road signs with crystal clear instructions.
  3. Speed Cameras and Speed Alarms. Save big on speeding tickets.
  4. Downloadable Maps. Download maps for free and avoid mobile internet costs from your network provider.
  5. Weather. Select weather directly from the map for more than 100,000 locations anywhere in the world.
  6. Wikipedia. More than 500,000 Wikipedia articles selectable directly from the map – when and where you need them most.

Magic Earth is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Magic Earth offers free worldwide maps and turn-by-turn navigation. Free speed cameras are available in 59 countries.

About General Magic
General Magic creates technologies that surprise and put a smile on your face because of their beauty and elegance. Technologies that make Open Data accessible to everyone.

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