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OpenStreetMap, Elevation and Satellite maps, Navigation, HD Traffic, Transit and Offline maps. Entirely free.


There are apps that upgrade every month with ‘bug fixes’. Then there are apps that introduce an entirely new feature such as public transport once every few years. And then there’s Magic Earth… our state-of-the-art OpenStreetMap alternative to Google and Apple Maps. Today, we can inform you of the introduction of our biggest and best upgrade ever.


The new Magic Earth features:

  • New maps. Brand new maps, with the most recent roads and places.
  • 3D maps. The world isn’t flat. So why are most maps?
  • Satellite maps. Up to 7.5 cm accuracy. Yes, centimeter!
  • Navigation. Turn-by-turn navigation optimised for car, pedestrian and bicycle.
  • HD Traffic. Reliable and super accurate traffic that simply works.
  • Transit. Public Transportation for the 70% of us who use multiple ways of getting around our city.
  • Offline Maps. Download maps to your phone. Save big on mobile internet costs, navigate reliably even if you don’t have network coverage.
  • Regional Maps. Maps of country regions now available for download.
  • Crisp and beautiful simplified user interface.


  • 3D Touch. With peek and pop you find your way faster than ever before.
  • Support for Apple Watch. The fastest way to start a trip. An elegant way to receive instructions.


  • Material design.

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To also satisfy the professional user, we launched Magic Earth Pro – a professional version (paid through in-app purchases), featuring Premium Turn-by-Turn Navigation using professional Maps and HD Traffic from TomTom. You can find more information about Magic Earth Pro here:


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