AI Dashcam Magic SDK

AI Dashcam Magic SDK provides a comprehensive set of tools to add AI features to connected cameras. Develop novel driver assistance and navigation experiences on mobile, IoT, and embedded.

Building with AI Dashcam Magic

Create immersive navigation experiences with artificial intelligence, interpret signs and driving conditions on-the-fly, customize safety alerts, and monitor driver performance of your fleet. Build with the AI Dashcam Magic SDK on iOS and Android phones, consumer dash cameras, connected WiFi cameras, and embedded automotive systems. It’s free to download and start building.


Traffic Sign Detection

Recognize road signs for speed limits, construction, turn restrictions, and more

Pedestrian Detection

Avoid collisions with pedestrians by detecting pedestrians up to 50 meters in front of the vehicle.


Stop & Go Assist

Assistance for bumber-to-bumber and stop-and-go traffic


Lane Detection

Detect the vehicle’s current lane to enable lane-level navigation

Headway Assist

Assistance for keeping the safe distance while tailgating


Forward Collision

Detect and warn on critical situations when a collision is imminent

Use Cases

Magic SDK coming soon ...