Safety Lens for iPhone SE and iPhone 5/5s


Advanced Driver Assistance

Safety Lens is an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), developed to improve safe driving. For everyone who owns an iPhone and a car which doesn’t have ADAS built-in, Safety Lens offers the most cost-effective solution to enhance your safety. Safety Lens ADAS is designed to avoid collisions and accidents by offering alerts to potential problems.

Magic Earth

The Advanced Driver Assistance alerts and Traffic Sign Recognition are integrated with state-of-the-art turn-by-turn navigation of Magic Earth. The software reminds you to place your iPhone in landscape to use Advanced Driver Assistance and it will tell you when it is enabled. And when you take you iPhone off the mount the location of your car is automatically saved so that you can easily find it back.

Of course you also get everything else Magic Earth for iPhone has to offer – such as 3D maps, car/pedestrian and bicycle navigation, public transportation (Transit) and offline maps.


Safety Lens contains the easiest to use car mount, that discretely holds your iPhone using the transparent clear case. And taking it off is just as easy as placing it on the mount – with just one hand.

iPhone and Apple Watch are not included in Safety Lens.


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