How to enable Advanced Driver Assistance

Safety Lens is an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), developed to improve safe driving. To enjoy Advanced Driver Assistance, you need the Safety Lens ADAS (mount and phone case) and the Magic Earth or Magic Earth Pro app. Hardware and software working hand in hand together.

In order to use Advanced Driver Assistance, please follow the steps below:


1. Install the most recent Magic Earth or Magic Earth Pro app version from Apple App Store.
2. Start the Magic Earth app or the Magic Earth Pro app on your phone.
3. Select ‘Settings > Advanced settings > Safety Lens’. The ‘Automatically detect’ option should be ON.
4. Select ‘Settings > Battery mode’. The ‘Safety Lens’ option should be selected.
5. Select ‘Settings > Voice volume > Loud’.
6. Set the volume to a high level using the volume buttons of your phone.


7. Place the mount horizontally in the center of your windscreen.
8. Start the Magic Earth or Magic Earth Pro app before mounting the phone.
9. Place the phone on the mount in landscape mode in such a way that the rear camera has a clear view of the road ahead.
10. The voice message ‘Advanced Driver Assistance is enabled’ is played.
11. If the phone is not correctly mounted, adjust the phone position according to the symbol shown on the screen. See all ADAS symbols here.
12. After hearing the voice message ‘Advanced Driver Assistance is enabled’, it may take up to 5 minutes of driving for the Advanced Driver Assistance to be fully operational, due to calibration.


13. If the message ‘Advanced Driver Assistance is enabled’ is not played while the app is running, unmount the phone and then mount it again, without closing the app.

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